Review of Positive Mental Attitude

I’d admit that over all these years I have been strongly influenced by a book named "The Power of Positive Mental Attitude". Its author is Napolean Hill — a great psychologist, philosopher and a positive thinker in America during the 1930’s to 1950’s. I’d say I was influenced by his experiences, thoughts and theories, not merely the books translated into Chinese. This great writer changed thousands of Americans’ attitudes to life and hence helped them grow rich.


During the past two years, because of some adversaries, I gradually became less interested in his theory, at some point, that his theory tends to magnify human’s potential while putting lighter focus on Christian faith. Undoubtedly this will easily lead to over self-assertiveness and pride.

On the other hand I tended to rely on God more instead of my capability.


Last weekend when I was too bored to find anything to read and my mind seemed degenerated. I thought of the book. Then I looked to the only two boxes, no more than several seconds before I found it. It was of good condition and the cover still looked decent to me. Then I fingered the pages of years softly until I found the signature of me the time when I bought this book in Zhuhai. Unlike most scriptures and signs done by me, with which I was usually unsatisfied when looking back — it was not too bad.


I sat down on sofa with the book. Gee…the words were still so inspirational and powerful! It was indeed a revision of the mind. So many phrases and sentences are just essential motive for our everyday lives. Here I’d pick some of the key points to share with you.


"As a matter of fact, there’s tiny difference between people; but indeed there’re huge difference between us as we can see in the society. Nothing special that makes this great difference, it’s only the mental attitude."


“Being a likable is so easy – all you need to do is to appreciate people around you, with love and sincerity.”


There’re much more. I’d like to share them if you’re interested.


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One Response to Review of Positive Mental Attitude

  1. 不知 says:

    To be positive?? Hmmm~~you may start from appreciating your former scriptures and signs. :=)

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