Looking back on Quentin

For years I still remember some of the notorious (black) films such as Resovoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. But all of a sudden I just couldn’t figure out the name of the director was. No wonder an exotic name especially the Italian is not so easy for one to keep in mind. Yes it is Quentin Tarantino, who pumped himself up with movies with flocks of sliced dialogues including casual and dirty words.
The other night I couldn’t help seeking his breakthrough Resovoir Dogs to download. All was done smoothly as expected. Unlike the very first few times I watched them at colleage, it now had syncronous Chinese and English subtitles. Yeah which was good, especially for me, who likes the wording and tiny little slangs of daily lifes at the same time figuring out the plots. Many people said this is a good film and I belived them. I even believed it was a great film.
Yeah it’d be fair to say it was creative. More improtantly it is appealing to many folks who tend to be rebellious, like me. I’d admit it was filmed great but…frankly I was not so comfortable as I expected when watching the film, cause indeed it came with too much dirts. I counted almost every sentence spoken included rude words such as Fxxk…in’. It could have turned me up side down when there’s too many.
Anyway, just leave it if you feel uncomfortable. And tell you what, Taxi Driver could be more fun. Try it next time then.

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An overseas sales manager working for an IT company.
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  1. 不知 says:

    Joe V.S. Rebel…No~~~~two irrelevant words.

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