loveless church?

It’s good to join the youth fellowship in the grand church yesterday evening. I was very glad to see wow…there were so many brothers and sisters, who had already filled up the room before 7:30pm. And the band was wonderful too, they were of top level, er….pretty cool. Also I was able to sing the songs (maybe hymns) aloud loud which I’ve never met before. The atmosphere was great!


As I might expect, the sermon (maybe just lecture) afterwards was about love and dating. It was not so constructive to me but the pastor did a preparation, and good job anyway I think. It’s kinda review, good, just as I also came up with something new like the question, "what is marriage?". None would be able to answer this question at the moment. The correct answer is "marriage is the covenant of blood." How awesome! Seemingly it was not clearly taught in the good book, but, in my opinion, it’s certainly something God pleases.  


After Miss Lee’s speech, we were supposed to be in groups, which has been the routine of such fellowship in churches. Every time there were new coming in, and they were greatly welcomed. “Am I new?” I pondered to myself…coz I have been here for several times. Yes I remember I once visited this fellowship about two years ago. Naturally I was not inclined to join the “new friends” groups. So I tried to talk with one of the sisters and she was kind enough to bring me to her group.


We had a nice discussion on the post-lecture questions and quizzes given by Miss Lee. It was going so well…


Okay now I’d get back to the topic “loveless church”. What I want to define what exactly “loveless church” is about the relationships between the church members. Here I am not saying the romantic love between men and women, or any other forms of romance. I feel great need to talk about our love, the daily caring and kindness to our brothers and sisters.


For we, most of the time, failed to love one another as our Lord God commanded us. He wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves, to rejoice with the rejoiced and to morn with the morning. Our love is so limited, and conditions- and benefits-based. While His love is multi-dimensional, extravagant, and excels what we expect and dream of….forgive me not having enough words to illustrate how deep and wide God’s love to us is.


If we are not able to love one another as Jesus loves His church, we lie if we say we love Him. If we failed to do so, nobody would recognize us, the followers of Jesus Christ. This is so serious. It’s not something relating to selves, but the Holy name of our Lord could be profaned! May God forgive…


I was rather depressed when I came to realize this. Awake church! Let’s love our neighbors as ourselves!


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  1. 不知 says:

    convenant of blood? 呜呼,烈矣。But why? To get the insurance compensation?

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