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Jesus is not tolerant

Went to an English Bible study yesterday evening. The messages were very strong and heavy — but very true, and I liked it. Jesus is not tolerant — He never tolerates any kinds of sins we human beings commit. But … Continue reading

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不喜欢放假。我想没多少人有我这样的感觉了。很快,很长的国庆假期便要到来,我想很多人对此充满无限期待:可以去玩、渡假、休息、回老家探亲戚等等……而我却很不情愿有这么长的假期。想起去年春节在深圳过得无聊和空虚,仍心有余悸。 看来应该尽快拟个充实的计划,以消除对下个月开始“黄金周”的恐惧。

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