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车前草 — 三钱
珍珠草 — 三钱
白茅根 — 三钱
白花蛇舌草 — 三钱
玉米须 — 三钱
生姜 — 两片
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Jesus is not tolerant

Went to an English Bible study yesterday evening. The messages were very strong and heavy — but very true, and I liked it.

Jesus is not tolerant — He never tolerates any kinds of sins we human beings commit. But He loves us as always.

We should realize that the true gospel is not merely about loving, caring and being gentle to others, it’s more about how our sins separate us from our only holy God and the sequences we are to face. Almost nobody wants to hear this — if you don’t believe in Jesus, and you’ll go to hell. But the truth is truth — there is hell — no matter you believe it or not.

Like many preachers preach: we should not PREACH the gospel only, instead we have to PROCLAIM it!! It’s not something fuzzy and warm, or the favors we share with our fellows. It’s that — you MUST realize this — just like somebody is a house which is on fire, can’t you just say to him/her gently instead of yielding harshly?

Think about His words and promises, more importantly, His warnings. There’s heaven and hell, and Jesus is NOT tolerant.

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I must be strong

I must be strong, and carry on…
是不是很熟悉,对,是 Eric Clapton 的 Tears in Heaven 的经典一句。
It’s good to say it when you feel depressed, anyway…
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